Health Facility RHC GARA TAJIK

RHC Gara Tajik Successfully run by WRC for 3 years with best health care services under Public Private Partnership.

Our Partner: Health Department KPK
Project Area: Nowshera

Facilitation of winter protection through shelter, health and clean drinking water ​

Provided HR and medical support for the establishment of children’s ICU unit at Saidu Group of hospitals. Installed two water filtration plants to the flood effecties of saidu.  

Project Area: Upper Swat 
Health Facilities: BHU Miandam, BHU Tirat, BHU Bahrain, BHU Chail, BHU Charbagh Saidu. 


Provision of Integrate services to the flood Effected Communities of 5 severely effected UCs of Upper Swat

Construction of MNCH unit in RHC
Chuprial Provision of equipments and

Project Area: Upper Swat
Health Facilities: RHC Chuprial Saidu Group of Hospital

Support project for flood effected UC's of Nowshera

Provision of furniture to the MNCH renovation of MNCH block, renovation work in emergency block, provision of medical equipments, water filtration plant in RHC kheshgi.

Project Area: Nowshera
Health Facilities: RHC Kheshgi, BHU Pir Sabak, BHU Babajee Kali

RAHA Project on improvement of Health facilities in Dir

Construction of new labor Room, Repair
& Renovation of the BHU Building and
provision of equipment’s.


Project Area: Lower Dir
Health Facilities:BHU Arif Kali

Public Private Partnership Based Project, Health Department Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

WRC providing Primary health care

Project Area: District Peshawar

Health Facilities:RHC Garah Tajik

Free Medical Camp

Total 433 patients were checked by
different specialist doctors and free
medicines were also provided to them.


Project Area: District Peshawar

Turkey Diyanet Foundation Ramadan Packages

Distribution of household items among the covid19 effected families during Ramadan in 2021 and 2022.

Our Partner: Turkey Diyanet Foundation
Project Area: District Khyber
No of Families: 2021 (2000 Families), 2022 (2400 Families)

WASH and NFI distribution in district Buner

Construction of four Washrooms, Mobile Medical Units, Provision of drinking water supply schemes in 3 UCs of District Buner and distribution of Hygiene kits in the area.

Project Area: District Buner
Health Facilities:RHC Garah Tajik, Civil Dispensary Budal & Anghapur and BHU Koga 

Solarization for Cat-D Hospital by SMARTAID And WRC

Solarization for Cat-D Hospital by SMARTAID And WRC
Our Partner: SMARTAID
Project Area: Totakan Malakand

Agriculture Development

DONOR: Turkiye Diyanet Foundation
PROJECT AREA : Khyber Agency
PROJECT START & END : 01-08-2021 to 23-09-2021

Development of Agribusiness

Development of Agribusiness for the local formers of Malakand Division, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Formers committee formation and capacity building.
Traning of formers on Agribusiness.
Agriculture kits and seed distribution.
Agribusiness promotion and development.
PROJECT AREA: Malakand Division , Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
PROJECT START & END DATE: 01-09-2022 to 31-08-2023

Livestock Health Care Intervention & Protection

SSTD has agreed to provide Implementation Partner 

PROJECT AREA : Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
PROJECT START AND END DATE: 01-11-2011 to 31-03-2012

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