Social Mobilization and Institutional building

  • Establishment, mobilization and organization of community ,village and cluster organization
  • Capacity and institutional building
  • Support via participation


  • Community Physical Infrastructure rehabilitation, repair and
    construction through participatory development
  • Skill development and enhancement
  • Assets provision to deserving community members
  • Women empowerment through participation , skills and assets
    provision etc
  • Agriculture, livestock and on farm support etc


  • Advocacy and capacity building, sensitization etc.
  • Strengthen Teachers Parents Association
  • Provision of books, equipment etc.
  • Repairing, construction of infrastructure etc.

Health and WASH

  • Capacity building, awareness raising and advocacy etc
  • Provision of needed equipment and support to existing
  • Repairing, construction of infrastructure etc.
  • Provision of safe drinking water
  • Community/ women led total sanitation etc.
  • Health and hygiene
  • Support to Government Line agencies etc.
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